Our company profile

ELTECH ET  is an innovative upgrowing engineering department, that has speciallized to engineer concepts for diffrent companies in the automation sector. (e.g. Siemens, Kloeckner Moeller, Bosch and others)

Due to many years of experience and the high flexibility, ELTECH ET offers both, a wide spectrum of transferlines, CNC-linkage units and control assignments of different processes and factory units.


ELTECH ET completely design circuit, structure and clamping diagrams as well as part lists with the latest version of electro-CAD system most cost-effective in one hand. Always custom-designed specifications (AUDI, BMW, FORD, MERCEDES BENZ, OPEL, VW) will be taken into consideration. Further more we have many existing cooperations between engineering facilities and plant manufacturers from different branches like automotive, electronic, wood and chemical industry.

At ELTECH ET, installation, mounting, initial operation phase and service is written in "capital letters". Either for transact your orders, planning and development, we offer special program units like PG685, PG740, PCs.

As a special offer we can also build up the switch cabinet.